Har kadam pe aapki kami mahoos ki,

Har kadam pe aapki kami mahoos ki, Doc
ehkar bhi aapki dosti kam na hoi, ya baat hum
Dil se mahoos ki……

Dost I sahil hai tufan k liye Dost 1 aya ha
armano liye Dosti mehfil hai anjano ke liye Dost
khwahish hai aap jaise dost paane ke liye.

D se Dosti, D se Dil, D se Dard, D se Dillagi,
se Deewangi perD se itna bhi Durna ho jana ki
se SMS our se call bhi na kar sako…

Dosti achhi ho to rang lati bai, Dosti gehri hc
to sabki bharti hai, Dosti nadan bo ta toot jati hai
per dosti bamse ho to itibass ban jati hai….

Promise me v r true friends, i’m lamp ur lite
I’m coke ur sprite, i’m saawan ur baadal, i’m not
mal ur pagal. ha ha ha

Na chabat hai sitaron ki, Na tamanna hai

bai hazaron ki.

nazaron ki, Aap jaisa ek dost mila tu kya zaroorat

Umid aise ho jo jeene ko majboor kare,
raah aisi ho jo channel ko majboor kare.
mahak kum na ho kabhi apni dosti ki,
dosti aisi bo jo milne ko majboor kare..

Ye dill pyar ke kabil na raha, Koi bhi izhaar ka
qabil na raha, Is dil main bas gayi dosti aapki ab

Syarat waktu yang
teri har bestaat haar lange
tujhe SMS me to hange
par phir bhi tere SMS Intezaarage

Friendship is the relation between the hand and
the eyes when the hand gets hurt the eyes cri
and when the series the hand wipes its tears

Friends may Bold
Friends may now
Real friends very FEW
So, whenever YOU lonely
remeber its TRUE
Someone somewhere is thinking of U.

wish sweet DREAMS you tight
Hope your day with

You are a source of cherished memories that noth
ing can replace. This to let u know that u r loved more
and more as time goes by

Whoever miss a star falls down,
So, if u look at the sky and find it dark
don’t blame me. Its all ur mistake
made me to miss u too much

The only wealth have the people around me that,
really call friends and ur of them. Piz stay with me go
that people will know richiam

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